Tanzanite Rings Better than Diamond Rings

Tanzanite Better than DiamondsThe earliest deposits of diamonds were found as early as the 4th Century in India, and from then on diamonds have been s traditional choice for every occasion. In recent years though, other gems have entered the market and made their presence felt in every jewel category there is Fashion is a culture’s life, and in order for it to survive there has to be constant change. At every point of time in fashion, the old is out and the new is always in and this applies to jewelry as well. While the much loved hardest gem known to mankind – diamonds – has had its share of fame as is still positioned high on the popularity graph, its newest competitor happens to be tanzanite.

Tanzanite GemsThis vivacious blue entrant is anything but ordinary. Found exclusively at the base of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, tanzanite gems are a thousand times rarer than diamonds based on mining capacity. Geologists have done extensive research and come to the conclusion that it is improbable or maybe even impossible for such an occurrence of tanzanite to repeat itself.

Tanzanite Wedding RingIts rarity is not its only claim to fame. A high grade tanzanite had unmatched beauty in color and tone. Adding to its perfect cobalt saturation and middle tone of darkness so as to accent the color without sacrificing on the sparkle is the fact that this gem also happens to be pleochroic in nature. What does that mean? It means that when you buy yourself tanzanite jewelry – tanzanite rings for example – then each crystalline plain of the stone will exhibit one of three different colors; violets, blue and sometimes crimson.

Tanzanite wedding rings and tanzanite engagement rings have flooded the wedding jewelry sections of jewelry stores – it serves the purpose of something blue! As compared to the traditional diamond rings tanzanite rings stand out in a crowd and make a statement, not to mention the life that their color adds to the entire outfit!

Tanzanite RingDiamond tanzanite rings have also made their entry and this style is here to say. Be it halo rings, paved bands or simple three stone ones, the relationship between the grey diamonds and the intense blue tanzanite has been utilized time and again to make beautiful jewelry. The clear sparkling diamonds accent the tanzanite’s color and vice versa.

Let go of tradition and introduce to your wardrobe some color and vivacity. Go buy yourself a tanzanite ring! Its visually flexible color makes sure that it suits any outfit worn for formal or casual occasions. Not only that, but its relatively low hardness on the Moh scale makes it hard enough for daily wear but yet easier to facet by jewelers. This results in a much larger range of ring design options!

Diamond Tanzanite JewelryIf you happen to be looking at a ring from the investment point of view, then tanzanite rings and diamond tanzanite rings trump plain diamond rings any day. Much rarer that diamond, tanzanite’s only have about a decade of mining capacity left. This has led to a short window this year and hopefully the next where tanzanite prices have stabilized, making this the best time to buy.

The birthstone of December and an ideal choice to both own and gift, tanzanites are the gemstone world’s newest and most loved find.


Benefits of using Blue Tanzanite

Tanzanite Loose Stone

A stone of such intensity and color and value, blue tanzanite is a gem of immense significance. Look at it from any way you like – investment option, adding color to your jewel wardrobe, spiritual and energy related significance, rarity, price; you name it and the dark blue tanzanite has its benefits in that category.

Tanzanite Loose Stone

Now let us go on to analyze this gem in terms of its price, which is closely linked to its rarity. Blue tanzanite is available only in one tiny pocket of the world, in mines that are scattered in a few mile radius. Thousand times rarer than diamond, and a stone that has only a decade of mining capacity left, its benefits as an investment option are irrefutable. Not only that, but there is solid evidence that by the second half of this year, prices will stabilize, making it an ideal time to buy.

Next from the point of view of your wardrobe. The reasons are as simple as meets the eye – the blue gemstone is chic and new age, it adds a splash of blue, its trichroic tendency is magnificent and being a mixture of cool blue and deep purple it goes with almost every color in the spectrum – either as complimentary or in contrast. The tanzanite blue is a unique blend of shades, changing as the crystal is viewed from different angles and sparkling despite its deep hue.

Spice up your office-wear greys or the dark cocktail dresses in your closet with the gleaming blue tanzanite, and you certainly will not regret your investment.

As far as internal energy of the stone and its metaphysical properties are concerned, the benefits are extremely high. Its high internal vibrations help form a link between the wearer and higher realms, culminating in the unity of mind and heart. Alongside, it is also a stone white protects the wearer from harm and restores stability in times of uncertainty.

Blue tanzanite is an ideal stone to use for novices who wish to explore psychic powers, as it is grounded and intense. In your workplace, it acts as a bridge between you and your peers, aiding communication and developing links to solve problems. It also instills a calm, safe and soothing environment, bringing your mind to a peaceful state.

Used extensively in metaphysical healing, tanzanite is also said to play a great part in regeneration of cells, blood and other aspects of the body as well as retaining immunity and vitality. As it tends to exude serenity, it is also used to handle psychological disorders and put your mind and body at ease. Balance your base self with your metaphysical one, it also helps handle emotional crisis.

Pair Of Tanzanite Studs

The benefits of such a stone are endless, one whose value exceeds its price in so many ways. Its tangible significance is balanced perfectly by its metaphysical one – a stone with such powerful vibrations and intense color energies is one that will definitely have a positive and wholesome impact on your life. Don’t hesitate to add a pair of tanzanite studs or maybe a ring to your jewelry collection, you will not be sorry!