Oval Tanzanite

Ruby – A July Birthstone

Ruby and Sapphire, CorundumA “ruby” is made up of a verity of the mineral corundum (aluminum oxide) the cause of its red is for the presence of the element chromium. Other variety of corundum is called sapphire. Ruby is named one of the four precious gemstone. Other three precious gemstones names are the Emerald, the Sapphire & the Diamond. Ruby is also named as a July birthstone. The stone ruby also used for jewelry to give a rich look to any type of jewelry such as rings, earrings, Pendant, studs, Necklace, bracelets etc.

Ruby Jewelry

Ruby is a hard stone to cut and polish, and often abrasions are left which you must guard against. Look for a ruby with minimum error – the cut should be clean and give the stone weight.

Ruby Stone CutThe determination of the price is set for Ruby is by his color. The most valuable red color or Quality of ruby is Called blood-red ruby. Also the carat (weight) & cut also plays an important role of the determination of price.

RubyAs far as its color goes, a vibrant in between of scarlet and crimson is ideal, but the color of rubies do vary from light pinks to vermilions and browns as well – priced accordingly. With uniformity of color goes the presence of a mineral star, so make a decision on which one is your priority. In today’s day, after the introduction of lab made synthetic rubies, it is hard to tell a real from a synthetic one.

ruby crystalBurmese mines were the top exporters of rubies worldwide, but recently Africa has set a new standard. Mines in Tanzania and Vietnam are also at par. Consider the mine when shopping, but make sure the price difference between origins does not exceed ten percent.

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