Oval Tanzanite

Metal choice for tanzanite wedding ring

Still not clear on what to set your tanzanite in for your wedding? Not sure of the color of the metal band and its durability?

Here is an extensive analysis of your options, each metals pros and cons so that you can make an informed choice, no one should have regrets on their wedding day, definitely not concerning the ring which you will wear forever!
tanzanite wedding ring
Your options are always plenty, and in today’s tech-savvy era with the rampant use of internet you also have access to a variety of designs, but once you’ve set your heart on the perfect cut and setting, it is of utmost importance that the metal is a perfect fit as well.

A tanzanite can be set in platinum, palladium, yellow gold, rose gold, white gold or sterling silver. Let’s have a look at them one by one and see which fits your needs best!

Platinum is esteemed and most preferred for any luxury gem setting. Being a hard metal and one that does not have impurities or alloys, it is both sturdy as well as gentle on sensitive skin. Its only downfall is the exorbitant pricing. Many also complain that it scratching – but that is a minor issue, nothing that an occasional buff can’t solve. If you think it falls in your budget, go for it!

Palladium is less expensive, but even harder than platinum. Ideal for most settings and often even preferred over platinum and gold, palladium does have a setback which may cause some issues – being a hard metal it cannot be resized. Now this usually does not cause a problem when it comes to earrings or pendants, but as far as your wedding ring is concerned you might have to keep that in mind.

Yellow gold tanzanite wedding rings

Yellow gold tanzanite wedding rings are beautiful, so if you don’t mind the yellow tint of the metal then nothing like it! The shine of gold does sometimes dull the tanzanite, so if this is the one you choose and it is recommended that you matt finish your gold. Gold is also an ideal setting if you tanzanite wedding ring has a halo of diamonds – the diamonds act as a buffer between the blue and the yellow!
In comparison to a tanzanite wedding ring with yellow gold, there is also the subtler option of rose gold if that suits your taste. It has to its name all the advantages of gold with a slightly pink tinge and a subdued shine.

White gold tanzanite engagement rings are popular, and white gold is a beautiful setting for your wedding ring as well, but it is high maintenance. It tarnishes easily and must be re-coated periodically. If you are absolutely sure you want to set your ring in a white metal and platinum is working out too expensive then white gold is your best bet – both in terms of quality and luster.

The last, sterling silver, is a silver alloy and is not of very high grade. Usually it is not recommended for daily wear jewelry, but if a sterling silver tanzanite wedding ring is what you want then make sure you don’t have sensitive skin. The positives of this metal though are plenty – it is the least expensive option, requires virtually no upkeep and passes off as other white metals!