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This fall, fashion trends shifted from revealing to cozy. That’s right ladies, it is not only about how good you look, it is also about good feel! The pullovers and oversized sweaters introduced by Prada and the landslide of BottegaVeneta’s fur dresses all point to one thing – a warm and fuzzy fall 2014.

Fortunately, this fashion trend didn’t bring down the jewels. It may seem like you can’t sport those jewels if you’re already bundled up till your fingers and toes, but the designer’s had their solutions ready. While some chose the route of spirited accessorizing through Chanel brooches, others followed the 2014 love for heavy metal bracelets and necklaces. Celine’ Phoebe Philo and Hermes’ models were seen donning bracelets on top of their long sleeved sweaters, while this trend was carried forward by Anthony Vaccarello who added collar chokers to turtleneck tops.

What about underneath the heavy coats? The Chanel fall collection gave us a glimpse of that too – crop tops revealing just a right amount of belly to add an extra accessory – the watch belt.

Chanel fall collectionA lot of tribal influences were seen as well, which gave the metal jewels an extra edge. These neck pieces from Balmain’s fall collection are audacious yet chic, highlighting just a tinge of tradition.

Neck pieces from Balmain’s fall collection

Along similar lines we have Sonja Fries’ cuffs of sterling silver.

The covered necks and hands gave earrings a huge opening this fall, and Phoebe Philo brought back the trend of single earrings. Rustic looking ensembles of metal charms, this designer combined to perfection the tribal earthy qualities of the metal with a modern asymmetrical form. Single gold earrings were seen in Nicolas Ghesquière’s fashion jewelry as well, but they no longer rustic – instead they take contemporary bold forms, straight edges and smooth surfaces to the next level.

This year’s catwalk at Chloe showed off some lovely bracelets; vibrant gold cuffs with flowing threads of metal.

Dolce & Gabbana flora and fauna Collection Dolce & Gabbana are at the top of the influenced jewels with their crystal flowers adding to the fairytale setting of their runway, while butterflies are the new inspiration for Versailles brooches and Mariposa statement necklaces. Be it the bold and loud brooches with contrasting black, gold and diamonds or the delicate neck piece with the complementing yellow gold and red hues, both these jewels do justice to fashion jewelry this fall.

Crystals in jewelry

Crystals were seen at Guccis’ event too – inspired by the 60’s, subtly colored crystals were paved as bangles to add a little sparkle to all that fur!

Saint Laurent in London saw the advent of geometry as the solution to gallant yet chic jewelry. These gold triangles for example are feminine yet daring and the straight edged geometry is gently broken by the gold tassels that rim the bottom.

Rings too were the ideal addition to fall fashion, and Nina Ricci’s fashion jewelry focused on just that. Monochrome ensembles were livened up with multi rings, each with a slight change in design. Multi rings were seen in ProenzaScholer’s fall collection as well, but instead of the straight edged monochrome route, she chose to use organic colors and forms to liven up the expanse of black fabric.

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